Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Goodness on the run!

The countdown for New Year 2014 has begun…
In spite of the social fuck ups, like stooping lower political advantages, SC’s decision on Section 377, humiliation of Devyani, or the Hrithik-Sussane split doing the rounds of social networks, we have already spent a larger part of the year in ranting. And many people might just take all of this too critically!
But hey! There’s a lot more happening too. This wintery December, the warmth of goodness has gradually blanketed the social networks.
While there is a lot of negative criticism back there (Be thankful for the freedom of speech we enjoy), there some good Samaritans doing wonders, spreading smiles!
I’m talking about the Mumbai Secret Santa on twitter and the Standard Chartered Good Deed Marathon on all social networks!
Whoever said goodness exists no more, raise your hands and open your eyes!
While Secret Santa is all about spreading cheer in the festive season, it’s actually quite awesome. So this activity on twitter had people who wanted to participate, fill in their details; and were assigned to some stranger to be their Secret Santa. For almost a month now, a lot of Santas send amazing messages and gifts to people who they barely know (except for their stalking skills that they put to use!) So much effort to make someone’s Christmas delightful? And then there are more Santas in Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Banaglore and some more cities. This club of Santas does quite an amazing job passing messages and helping to spread the cheer! Everybody is talking about the #SecretSanta. And well they have all good reasons to do the same! KUDOS team and the Mumbai Santa @VelvetRhyme! We love you, Secret Santa! J This is the Merrier Christmas!
And then the best initiative online that I’ve seen in a while has to be the Standard Chartered Good Deed Marathon- An online campaign that encourages people to share their good deeds with people. And that with the realization of how every little thing you do matters. It is a moment of pride when people acknowledge it, even better when they are inspired. Some inspire you, set examples and spread the spirit of goodness.
This definitely has to be one of the finest and the most positive initiative to encourage goodness, and when so many people are out there sharing their goodness, instilling the belief that no matter which way we go, there’s still a lot of goodness within us all!
And here are a few examples of all the good deeds,  that people have been talking about! How little things make a difference is quite remarkable!

I do remember that Airtel and Vodafone had made all calls free during the 26/7 flooding and also set up helplines! #GoodDeedMarathon

Donated blood on my birthday & toke four frnds along with me 2 donate blood #Cancer_patient #GoodDeedMarathon @iCanSaveLife"@BloodDonorsIn

@WeAreMumbai Saw a father with his 8 year kid on a bike. Both were wearing helmets. Made sure to compliment both of them #GoodDeedMarathon

@WeAreMumbai Helped a blind man to board a Mumbai local from dadar and he blessed me & I almost cried . #GoodDeedMarathon

No cab took me in on exam day.Told a driver I have an exam,he readily dropped me to SoBo from Bandra,also wished me luck! #GoodDeedMarathon

@R_T_K: @WeAreMumbai Helped my maid with getting her Ration Card #GooddeedMarathon"
@WeAreMumbai Planning a Christmas special celebration at the boys orphanage. Secret Santa, presents, food & goodies! #fun #GooddeedMarathon

@aatifsumar it does not ruin them. #GooddeedMarathon, is about generating ideas for good deeds. Seeing what makes people feel good.

@Photokatha I must admit today #GoodDeedMarathon tweets really made me happy I'm proud of each n every person's deed Gr8 going

My first visit to Jaipur and had bought a big pack of grains for the birds :) Amazing feeling it was to feed. @Photokatha #GoodDeedMarathon

How may of you know ? He packed his bags, moved to Bangladesh to teach less fortunate kids not good but the best!

Let’s just say these aren’t even 1% of all the good deeds, but they still reflect the power of goodness through every little effort!
Yes, this is my Mumbai shining!

Hats off to Standard Chartered Good Deed Marathon! And to all those wonderful entities and people who are a part of this. *pat your backs*
If you love this idea and haven’t been a part of this yet, register yourself for the #GoodDeedMarathon right away!
Here’s the link-

It doesn’t take anything more than genuine efforts to do a good deed, cause it’s not about big or small but about doing something good which benefits others and not you!
Be good, do good and encourage others to do better!

And if you have any good deed of yours or others to share, mention it in the comments! You never know you might just inspire someone else to be good. (Yes! Another good deed :D )

Till then,

Proud Netizen!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

And they lived happily ever after!

Before you start reading this, answer this-

Cinderella, Snow white, Rapunzel, The Sleeping Beauty…

We all grew up to fairy tales that were used to make believe in the most popular conclusion of all times, “…And they lived happily ever after.”
Nobody knows what happened to Snow white after she met Prince Charming, did Cinderella gain acceptance from the royal household and the people when she met the Prince of her dreams, nobody knows if the Sleeping Beauty was never again troubled by the Dark Fairy! And back then, these questions never bothered us nor did we think beyond the concept of ‘Happy Endings.’
May be we don’t realize the trivial nature of reality unless we come across its harsh exposures.
While there were no more stories being told, we entered another magical illusion, the cinema. Like most people in this country, movies were the quintessential entertainers, stress busters and escape from reality. So whether it was Basanti and Veeru’s chemistry in Sholay or Raj and Simran’s love story, you grew up knowing, goodness would triumph and the film would end on the note ‘… and they lived happily ever after.’
Yes! We did grow up to believe that. Not just in the love stories but in any story. Be it the battle between the good son (Shashi Kapoor) and the villainous son (Amitabh Bachchan) in Deewar or the Don and his look-alike Vijay in the original DON (1975). Not all, but most films until recently believed in ‘happy endings.’
In spite of all that predictability, we have always rooted for everything to end well. To sum it up in a dialogue, “Humare filmon ki tarah, humarai zindagi mein bhi end tak sab kuch theek ho hee jaata hai. Happies endings. Aur agar theek na ho, toh who di end nahi; picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!” (From Om Shanti Om)
We have always been taught moral stories and all the right values. Like I always say, Indian society highly believes in preaching morals and idealism. All of this in the hope, that whenever in life need be, we shall take the right lessons, stick to our morals and ethics and follow the path of goodness hoping for it to end well. And who knows, had it not been for these stories, we would have easily given up for an easy compromise with the convenient ways!
And well, don’t we do that now? While everybody has been busy debating whether cinema influences society or reflects the ways of society, let’s just say it is a combination of both. Our entertainment reflects our culture and introduces innovations in our way of living.
I earlier referred to the triumph of good over evil, portrayed in DON, I get back to the modern remake and sequel of the film, where it s not about goodness, but about being the smarter one. May be earlier, we didn’t live in an exactly ideal society, but today we have learnt to accept and give in to the ‘Dark side’ too in the name of ‘being practical.’ And yes, it is alright to break relationships that don’t work, unlike the olden days when people strived harder to make relationships work when they didn’t. It is fine today to choose your career over everything else. I say this without sarcasm, but with acceptability. This is how, we have learnt to live. And maybe, this too shall change.
Irony is, that over the time we have developed a misconception, ‘To accept a theory, you have to reject another.’ And guess what! People have just begun to discard the idea of happy endings by terming them to be myths! How cynically hopeless can we be to lose hope even without hoping?
No! Let’s keep the faith alive…
It shall all be fine!
“Happiess Endings with a wide eSmileee”


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Review: VithU App

With the rising tolls of crimes against women, if technology could contribute with some helpful measure, has been a long thought query! Being a woman, it has been more of a necessity to be as much possible equipped and prepared for any unfriendly situation.
And then, in my constant search for a perfect helpline I was recommended the use of the VithU app in my Android device which sends out danger alert messages to the pre-set emergency numbers. With it's attractive presentation, the app looked intriguing enough to try and check if it solves the purpose. And it indeed does.

Using VithU was an easy task by okaying not more than a couple of permissions as per my phone settings and the app kept sending emergency texts along with my satellite location to my set SOS numbers till the time I deactivated the alarm.
Share your story and alerts for the crime reality show 'Gumrah' do a great job in spreading awareness regarding crimes in society and create a sense of alertness.
While the app has made it to my instant widget, it's permission seeking for GPS use and activation could be seen as a worry some angle. Also the constant need of internet access and good network are the major barriers that can be seen as an issue, not with immediate solutions though.
Nothing like a single press app could work wonders.

However, VithU is the least you can have to gather instant help through difficult situations. Make sure you have it on your phone and on your daughter's and sister's too! 

Here's the link to download this app for Android users:

If you think you have come across a better app for the same purpose, share your word (pref with the link) in the comments section!

Be Alert. Be Safe. Be Happy.

Live in a better society!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Mumbai Dreams

Remember that kid in class VII, good in studies, karate, cricket, dance, singing… and his parents would send him everywhere, for all the classes…COMPLETELY EXHAUSTING the poor little kid! His life had become an event. But the point is, “Where is it eventually heading?”

Similar is the case with my city, Mumbai. The very mention brings forth innumerable thoughts and emotions. City of dreams, international city, city of hopes, city of glamour, maya nagri, city that teaches you life… and the list of synonyms for this city are endless. However, I’d say Mumbai is an emotion. Being the Financial capital that provides funds for the healthy functioning of different states and their welfare. What really does the city get? More dreamers coming here to fulfill their dreams, lesser space to accommodate all, stiff competition, rising prices, polluted air, unhealthy surroundings and scores of overlooking people lost in their own world!
While the onlookers will notice the crowd, the glam and the glitz of the city… a Mumbaikar, will always eventually swear by his love for the city. Once a Mumbaikar, life will never be the same anywhere else. There is something very different about of this city, one like none.

However, you will often hear a local complaint of the weak monsoon preparations, of the endless traffic and crowded locals, of the street side eateries and sky kissing properties… and all of the other negatives, he is sure to curse the BMC for a million valid reasons, that remain unchanged!

Over the years, Mumbai has seen a lot. The lot is not a comparison with the rich culture of Bengal or the heritage, yet well developed Delhi or the incessantly delightful Bangalore. Mumbai has its own taste, a taste which is the blend of all. The blend of various cultures, styles, people, events, leaders, revolutions and circumstances, today, enable us to boast of the ‘Spirit of Mumbai’. A spirit that goes beyond any other state in the country- the spirit of a fighter, the spirit of a humanitarian, the spirit of an achiever.
My city, my janma bhoomi & karma bhoomi, lacks nothing but development. I mean planned development. 
“Comparing most of our lives with the city, most tempting things are up for grabs!”
But, for the reputation that it has been carrying around for ages, my city, by the expectations of the world, should possess every advanced amenity- bullet trains (at least a Metro like Delhi), well maintained airport, good transport system, high standard of living for the people, better bridges and highways… and no the list won’t end any sooner. Cherry on the cake, the BMC, some builder/ developer or some public figure comes up with proposals that bring him easy money and claim to fame with a new bridge, building or area being redeveloped by him.
And there ain’t any plan for the development of the city! That, giving you enough reasons to get stuck in traffic thanks to the 10 year long Metro construction process, potholes and road constructions. Of course! We’ll blame the BMC. Because, no planning only short term goals.

Such is our life. Unplanned, unthought and often aimless. Lets hope to make it a story that will be for its subtleness remembered. Too many cooks do spoil the broth; too many things, most unwanted only add an extra bit of clutter. Good things happen out of aimlessness too, after all life has its own plan for you. But don’t let your dreams fade away, may be your dreams are a key to something better. Live your life by your standards and not others demands and wishes. Doing something extra is not a waste, but at the cost of not doing something important is loss.

Mumbai’s biggest gift to anyone is that it teaches them the way of life.
To cope with the where, what and how’s of life.

To brave every situation and to keep going.

It teaches you the "Never Say Die" attitude.


It teaches you… whatever you can learn from it!

And yes, it teaches you to LEARN.

Hoping that my city for all its right glory and our lives, for all the right reasons get the ‘desired direction’

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Coca Cola India!

No I’m not going to endorse the addictive-unhealthy-caffeine-product Coca Cola here?

There is nothing that is needed to promote this product anymore; you see I have termed the majority of our Gen-x, the Future of India as Coca Cola products!
Thus, the title Coca Cola India!
Cynical much, does that sound? Unapologetic enough to break your expectations.

Smart, techno-savy, quick, adaptable, innovative, ummm… you have any more words to pamper this Coca Cola India? Let me clarify I belong to this is generation too, but I cannot deny the realities of my mighty confused fellow beings.

You call us innovative? Walk down a youth joint and you might not be able to recognize an individual by a mere glimpse from the back, courtesy- uniform hairstyles (coming out of the latest bollywood film), uniform clothing (again heavily influenced by bollywood icons, fashion magazines and the latest heavy stock availability at Link Road or Fashion Street), uniform lingo ("i hd tld u den! I am right 'na' sweetheart?") and uniform tastes (Yes, yusss! I am talking about everything from pasta italiano to marlboro lites)
Where is the innovation/ Where is the originality?
You call us smart? Oh! Yes, we’re not great on general knowledge, but we’re google loyalists! We look up the key words that complete our project and copy paste the first few results on the search results.

You call us mature? Yes! We’re the instant hook-up generation. Everything in our relationships follows the express way, except genuine emotions. PDA and making out in public places is pretty normal, yeah? Thanks to the fact that most relationships begin on facebook and end up with a text message.
Yes, yes! I'm talking about that couple making out in the auto! Then had issues over giving time and finally broke up after 2 months cause they thought it was not working out. You know them? Errr..well common story these days.
Yes! We live our life with a set of weirdly arranged punctuation marks, calling them smileys-

J:/ L:S :P K:@ :* ^_^ ({})
The most handy tool while flirting and flattering :P
We’re so buzy being career oriented (as we pretend and say) that well we don’t have time for real humans. Laptops and Smartphones are our priorities you see!
Don't we sleep with our phones under our pillow and check it each time we wake up?
Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, BBM! Our world would have crashed without you!!! I swear!!!
Because if you take away flirting, chatting and gossiping from our lives- We are lost and left out with nothing! Venue check ins, picture uploads, statuses, likes, comments, wall posts are religiously necessary!
Our values our more westernized, our judgments more practical and trendy, not necessarily far sighted or wise, though. Ironically, we’re the lot that is easily influenced (specially by western concepts) courtesy- we’re not aware of the richness of our age old values and cultures, or at least believe that they're so “uncool” and “outdated.” You see, in totality the time concept or the contemporary theory is of much significance in every aspect, be it the choosing Subs (Subway sandwiches) over puri-sabzi or drinking Coca Cola over nimbu paani- we’re trendy and majorly contemporary- not stringed with tomorrow or attached with yesterday.

Honestly, wearing a traditional Indian dress is such a task! Can carry it on occassions, to click pictures but my jeans and tees, shorts, skirts,dresses keep us happy enough! Jewellery? accessorize us with trendy fashions, or there's nothing less than diamonds that we'd settle for!
And by any chance if you are calling us visionaries? We are call centre bound too, “Jaha Quick Money, Waha Hum Bhi”.

We can sing, dance, party, walk with confidence, openly abuse and criticize our critics, our elders and our government. But well we can do practically nothing?
The motivation to do something shall probably take another 5-9 years.

But atm, (at the moment!) we are living the Coca Cola life! The fizz shall be gone before we realize the reality of a short sighted life!

Not all of us are so lost, scattered, directionless& living in a bubble! Some live with entrepreneurial dreams, IAS aspirations, Investment banker jobs, stock trading, and a big ticket ambition list.

Par hum sab ek hi hai, ek jaise- Assembly line produced Coca Cola bottles hoping to change our mould someday hoping to make a substantial person.
Eventually, all that we all truly crave for is A BETTER life!

Struck hard?

Friday, 23 November 2012

With Love -Love!


“Cuz every living person in this world would trade anything for the sake of Inner Peace:”

Irony often dominates situations, and this one is one such instance.

No matter what your age is, but the day you start understanding life, life often bewilders you with the existence of such vast range of emotions, experiences and explorations.

Heartbreak is the most uniform feature of them all. A failure that broke your heart, a loss, an unfulfilled promise, a shattered hope it comes with a blank cheque of pain.

Most of us, (at least 97%) people reading this have undergone the wounds of a heartbreak, but what next?

Nothing guaranteed a short cut to getting over people. I mean NOTHING AT ALL.

And it gave rise to the important question of not “how to move on” but what next!

Irony is, in the revolution of & communication, we’re no more in touch with our own needs and emotions!

You realize your need for sex, but fail to admit how much you crave for love!

And why not? After all accepting and acknowledging the importance of love & emotions that tag along with attachment are so not the cool thing to be boasting of!

Just like women in our society, have been synonym to emotions their trait of being physically weak has been attempted to equate & thus, confused with the strength & need of emotions.

But tell me-

When did crying while missing somebody become a crime?

When did appreciating & acknowledging emotions become a sin?

When did demanding love & giving back more love wrong?

Being unemotional & strong looked easy? Didn’t it?

Honestly, yes! It is way easier and less complicated and also less meaningful.

Admit it,

There is always a story, a book, a song, a movie that never fails to trickle down  tears. And well, you cry alone, to sleep.

The problem with us is that we’re very scared about the nerve wrecking uncertainties of acceptance of our emotions.

Because emotions are too strong to break down for us, love is strongest of them all. But they are stronger in every sense to make us break down.

The tears, the fake-false smiles, the cigarette butts, the glasses of alcohol, the pages of your diary, the stained ink, the strained mind and the mixed emotions come up knocking to each door defining the breakdown of denied emotions.
strength lies in living beyond the cynism of the judgementalists!

And you still want to live caged by frozen walls of emotions, as you demand for strength.

“When did hill provide the strength, I’ve never known.

I always thought it was a job warm alone.”

Why would a hug heal the pain?

 Why would a smile ease everything again?

Why would you look for solace in your mother’s lap?

Why a kiss could touch the soul?

May because you’re still humans, meant to love each other.

With that technological revolution already over taking, I can see the stoned moment coming.

Everybody craves for love, everybody is greedy for love.

And yet you think giving up on it can keep you happy?

Giving up on something you crave for the most?

Why give up on something that actually are, for something you think might give you the benefits of profit? *short term profit

“Yes, love is plain stupid! Now do you realize how important stupidities are in our lives?”

Let that “STRONG” person battle with strength, and not weak outlooks of emotion.

Let that strong person let go off his guard, to live and earn happiness with not the fear of wounds but the love for happiness!

“Emotions are immortal! You can’t kill them with even the best of your attempts, but kill yourself instead by denying a life of peace”
Let the emotions breathe free...

Keep loving as you keep living!

Cuz love is the virtue of the strong hearted!
with love...

Friday, 2 November 2012




“Woh Kehta Hain Main Us Jaisa Nahin
Phir Kyun Mujh Jaisa Woh Lagta Hain”

Writing an introduction for a man, whose name, whose look, whose voice, whose work is introductory enough to create a global stir, is quite an uphill task! But to not write about someone who I love, respect, admire and look up to, on a day as special as his birthday would be a big enough sin!
While the Bollywood Baadshah- SHAHRUKH KHAN turns 47 years young today and is all engaged in accepting the love that his family, friends and fans are showering over him from world across, I sit before my laptop writing a few words about him. Today as I sit as an unknown admirant of the Khan, unable to meet or wish him personally, I write this blog in the hope that SRK shall read it on some random day!
47! Or 3 short of 50 and still young! 
20 years and still spreading the bollywood fever!
I wouldn’t anymore talk of his self made career and stardom, but what has earned him all of it is his Warmth and that Enviable Incredible Energy!
Yes!!! Shahrukh is not just young, but redefines energy! Shoots, Ads, Promotions, Matches, Business, Wedding Appearances, he does everything all round the year through to keep one and all entertained!
Undoubtedly, he is media’s favourite child! Through news, rumours, promotions and well controversies, two things sell the best- SEX & SRK! And as the Khan himself claims, “Aren’t they the same thing?”
Yes, at 47 too… when our fathers and uncles are inching closer to retirement, getting their hair greyed and losing out easy on energy, King Khan continues to be “SEXY & DESIRABLE, undoubtedly.”
See him romancing like a 20 year old in Jab Tak Hai Jaan, see him do the cartwheels to entertain the crowd at his team’s IPL matches, see him speak up his witty best in his interviews, see those filmfare award shows that he so effortlessly pulls off, see him come out to thank his fans on his birthday! And well, who can forget the dream of being his Chhammak Chhallo?
With a broken back, shoulder injuries and all the excursion that adds to the efforts, he stands there smiling, uncomplaining, spreading his arms with love to contain the world with goodness!
While some brag of “Him Bragging” about kids, about values, about himself…doesn’t all that he speaks make sense and adds enlightenment!
Whether or not an SRK fan, sit some day, watch any of his interview from the beginning till the end; it’s a promise that you shall end up with a mix of smiles, tears, inspiration, motivation and a lot of learning to carry forward! Its typically an SRK thing!
While most women love him for the cliché`s of Raj and Rahul that they fell in love with, he displayed versatile shades through his films like Darr, Baazigar, Chak De, Swades, Paheli, Ra.One, Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani and many more. His experiments have often been tagged as flops, but the thought and guts behind the experiments, the difference that they carry were none like any other. Shahrukh, a highly intelligent and well read person remembers an important advice from one of his early directors, Lekh Tandon-“When you are out there to act, forget what makes sense and what doesn’t. Script is the God”. Perhaps that’s exactly what Khan has been doing over the years, but his desire to experiment and make better films reflect in the projects that he takes up as a producer with drastically distinct films like Asoka, Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani, Ra.One which were far ahead of their times.
For the famous Bollywood flavor that Shahrukh carries and his famous for worldwide, I’d like to share a recent interaction with a German Film Critic. When asked of the liking for Bollywood in Germany he reverted, “It was Raj Kapoor and now it is Shahrukh Khan. We love the Bollywood culture, the dance, the music, the drama, the dialogues, the color, the culture. When Shahrukh Khan comes to Germany fans are all eager to meet the charmer. They wait outside his hotel even at midnight just to get a glimpse of the superstar. In popularity, Shahrukh beats George Clooney too!

In fact, on his recent visit to India last month, he revisited Maratha Mandir, to watch Shahrukh’s longest running film DDLJ, which he defines to be perfect!
And well! We wouldn’t disagree :) 

“Woh Kehta Hain Main Us Jaisa Nahin
Phir Kyun Mujh Jaisa Woh Lagta Hain”

He denies being a role model, because he believes he hasn’t done anything worthy of being a role model. But Shahrukh- for all the smiles, happiness, love and entertainment, values, goodness, the inspiration, motivation and positivity and all the little things that you add to our lives by your films, your words, your life; you are worth all the respect, love and admiration!
About Shahrukh and his qualities I could probably just go on and on ranting! But probably here is where I end, eagerly waiting to watch more and more of SRK, Yes! Jab Tak Hai Jaan better release soon!
And come sooner the day when I shall work with the King of Hearts himself!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAHRUKH!!! May that smile get wider, may those eyes always twinkle, may the happiness keep coming, may the hearts keep loving! Wishing you a life of Kingship and a Kingdom of love, happiness, health and successs to you JAB TAK HAI JAAN!

Much, Much, Much love and regards!