Friday, 23 November 2012

With Love -Love!


“Cuz every living person in this world would trade anything for the sake of Inner Peace:”

Irony often dominates situations, and this one is one such instance.

No matter what your age is, but the day you start understanding life, life often bewilders you with the existence of such vast range of emotions, experiences and explorations.

Heartbreak is the most uniform feature of them all. A failure that broke your heart, a loss, an unfulfilled promise, a shattered hope it comes with a blank cheque of pain.

Most of us, (at least 97%) people reading this have undergone the wounds of a heartbreak, but what next?

Nothing guaranteed a short cut to getting over people. I mean NOTHING AT ALL.

And it gave rise to the important question of not “how to move on” but what next!

Irony is, in the revolution of & communication, we’re no more in touch with our own needs and emotions!

You realize your need for sex, but fail to admit how much you crave for love!

And why not? After all accepting and acknowledging the importance of love & emotions that tag along with attachment are so not the cool thing to be boasting of!

Just like women in our society, have been synonym to emotions their trait of being physically weak has been attempted to equate & thus, confused with the strength & need of emotions.

But tell me-

When did crying while missing somebody become a crime?

When did appreciating & acknowledging emotions become a sin?

When did demanding love & giving back more love wrong?

Being unemotional & strong looked easy? Didn’t it?

Honestly, yes! It is way easier and less complicated and also less meaningful.

Admit it,

There is always a story, a book, a song, a movie that never fails to trickle down  tears. And well, you cry alone, to sleep.

The problem with us is that we’re very scared about the nerve wrecking uncertainties of acceptance of our emotions.

Because emotions are too strong to break down for us, love is strongest of them all. But they are stronger in every sense to make us break down.

The tears, the fake-false smiles, the cigarette butts, the glasses of alcohol, the pages of your diary, the stained ink, the strained mind and the mixed emotions come up knocking to each door defining the breakdown of denied emotions.
strength lies in living beyond the cynism of the judgementalists!

And you still want to live caged by frozen walls of emotions, as you demand for strength.

“When did hill provide the strength, I’ve never known.

I always thought it was a job warm alone.”

Why would a hug heal the pain?

 Why would a smile ease everything again?

Why would you look for solace in your mother’s lap?

Why a kiss could touch the soul?

May because you’re still humans, meant to love each other.

With that technological revolution already over taking, I can see the stoned moment coming.

Everybody craves for love, everybody is greedy for love.

And yet you think giving up on it can keep you happy?

Giving up on something you crave for the most?

Why give up on something that actually are, for something you think might give you the benefits of profit? *short term profit

“Yes, love is plain stupid! Now do you realize how important stupidities are in our lives?”

Let that “STRONG” person battle with strength, and not weak outlooks of emotion.

Let that strong person let go off his guard, to live and earn happiness with not the fear of wounds but the love for happiness!

“Emotions are immortal! You can’t kill them with even the best of your attempts, but kill yourself instead by denying a life of peace”
Let the emotions breathe free...

Keep loving as you keep living!

Cuz love is the virtue of the strong hearted!
with love...


  1. Surreal! Only one word I will say that as you said, There is always a story, a book, a song, a movie that never fails to trickle down tears. And well, you cry alone, to sleep. This blog post is one of these. :)